Trinity Christian School

Trinity Christian School, located in the heart of Lighthouse Point, is now serving students Kindergarten through 5th Grade. We offer a high quality education in a nurturing environment where students are able to flourish. We believe in creating life-long learners and here at Trinity we provide our students with the fundamental tools in order to reach their full spiritual, academic, and social potential. Our classrooms are equipped with flexible seating, technology, and comprehensive curriculum taught by accredited teachers who tailor their instruction to students’ unique learning styles. Christian values are integrated within our students’ Trinity experience. We offer this and much more at an affordable price for our families.

Our Church

Come and see what makes Trinity Church such a loving family. Transformation takes training! Practical and spiritual disciplines lead to a life transformed by the love and life of Jesus Christ. Before children imitate Christ, they imitate you! Model for the kids in your life by doing “church” with them.

Sundays at 5pm. Praise & Worship, Brief Message, Kid-Friendly Activities